Apple’s App Store: sales 2015, signs of slowing growth

Apple’s App Store generated more than $6 billion in Apple revenue in 2015. The biggest day of sales in the App Store was the 1th of january, but there are signs of slowing growth.

app storeApple Inc. said App Store billings topped a record $20 billion in 2015, but growth from the business appeared to slow even as the company introduced apps on new devices such as Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Apple keeps 30 cents of every dollar that flows through the App Store, meaning the store generated more than $6 billion in Apple revenue in 2015.

The figures highlight the growing financial importance of apps for Apple, which posted revenue of $233 billion and net income of $53 billion in the fiscal year ended September. The roughly 1.5 million available apps boost the appeal of Apple’s highly profitable hardware and help to distinguish Apple’s products from its competitors.

The company said it had its biggest day of sales was january the 1th, when customers spent more than $144 million.

Though the app business is growing at an impressive clip, there are signs of slowing growth. The company had said App Store billings grew 50% in 2014, but Apple’s figures suggest that sales growth fell to about 40% in 2015. Last Wednesday, Apple said total billings from paid apps and purchases made within apps from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV customers was “over $20 billion” in 2015.