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Alexion: new bullish technical picture drawn on daily chart

Alexion Pharm marked seventh consecutive higher highs. New bullish technical picture drawn on daily chart.

Alexion Pharm, May 2 stock closing price was $133.41 (+1,38%). Marked seventh consecutive higher highs and positive trading session. New bullish technical picture drawn on daily chart (high2 < high1, high1 < high, low2 < low1, low1 < low, close > close1, close1 > close2), we suggest to watch today closing. Technical chart indicators and studies suggest broad uptrend, so today trading session forecast is for further price extensions towards the most significant resistance levels. The major oscillators confirm the upward trend.

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Simple Moving Average (SMA)
Alexion Pharm quotes are above 14 days moving average (SMA value is 121.89). The short term view is bullish.
Amazon daily chart shows an increase in volumes compared to the previous day.

Support and Resistance levels
7, 15 and 30 trading days Performance. Support, Resistance and Pivot Point levels. Last updated closing price: 02/05/2017.

Performance: 7 trading days= +11.60% – 15 trading days= +14.13% – 30 trading days= +11.10%

Resistance levels: R1= 134.70 – R2= 135.99 – R3= 139.60
Pivot Point: 132.38
Support levels: S1= 131.09 – S2= 128.77 – S3= 125.16

Buying opportunity above 133.70, targets minor resistance at 135.36 and perhaps as far as strong resistance at 136.52, where sellers could regain control. Above that level it could trigger an acceleration to the upside with the next target at 139.47.

Selling opportunity below 132.64, targets minor support at 131.00 and perhaps as far as strong support at 129.86, where buyers could get back into the market. Below that level we could expect a bearish downward movement with the next target at 126.98.

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Analisi Tecnica

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