About TM

Nicola Zonno TMTendenzaMercati (TM) is an italian financial magazine that provides market news and technical analysis on stocks, futures and forex. It was founded by me in 2004… sorry I didn’t introduce myself: I am Nicola Zonno, independent trader and technical financial analyst, born in 1965.

At the end of the’90s I started trading the stock and derivatives markets. It was so exciting, so easy to generate profit even if I did not have knowledge to deserve this success. I remember that I wondered why I kept on wasting my time in studying when I could earn money from home easily. Unfortunately after the 11th september the things changed and I realized that the flair was not enough to make profits, so I began studied in deep technical analysis and market dynamics to better understand the prices movements and the successful market timing, a training program which is still yet to be completed because there is always something new to learn.

Many in the finance industry use ethically questionable marketing tactics with misleading messages such as “Earn $1000 a day by trading forex” … or things like that. I do not agree with that, I mean, if it were so easy everyone would gain and instead the majority of traders looses a lot of money. I don’t want to discourage but in order to become a good trader and make a living from (day) trading many skills and years of experience are required to succeed. you cannot pretend to do a job without having done a training course. The plumber or lawyer novice does not have the same capabilities as those who do the job for 20 years. In trading it is the same thing, not improvised.

In 2004 I founded TendenzaMercati (TM) and together with master traders I developed trading strategies on stocks, futures, commodities and forex. Luckily, the results were excellents even if I can’t say I have found the method always winning … the variables are endless and can happen that a strategy is successful in a particular historical moment and losing in another.

Anyway I could say that my trading style is based on quantitative analysis studies combined to the news releases that have significant and immediate effects on financial markets. Ops, I forgot… I trust in my intuition and my flair 🙂

Good trading to all !!